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Julie Menard


Julie Jeannine Marie Menard

Montreal,QC Born native artist: singer, composer, painter.

Child painter, studied & Modeled (posed) from 1982/1984, at The Bronfman Artist Center of Greater Montreal, modeled also for the priceless work sculter Pink Lady for the late but not forgotten known artist Stanley Lewis, julie has painted a great deal of her life anything from nudes, portraits, to name a few:
  • (spanish lady), to landscapes, specialty's in oil & the mixture of both acrylick, of using the sincere surroundings around her fantasies meets surrealism and reality of humour Quote:( i hope it comes across as such), portraits and sky scenes shaped into angels come across childlike, she also draws, sketch's in charcoal, pastels. You can see her artwork in private collections, homes, offices, past buyers/give aways;
  • (freedom0) 1996,1940's avant-garde lady smoking long cigarette;
  • (selfportraits) 1996 julie with microphone & 1998 julie crounching down;
  • (temple of Heaven) 1999, done in chinese wording;
  • (Vampire) 2000 man with black hair laughing showing his teeth;
  • (Soldier Boy) 2012 soldier in futuristick planet;
  • (Alain Shampoo) 2012, angelick angels falling through and floating in the sky. To see julie there is a mural of me in Montreal a blonde lady with a hat looking at ships and a lighthouse in the background and an oil painting of me in Toronto antique shop it"s been there for ages, i was around 16 a brunette sitting in a field with my head slightly turned a nice piece of art.

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