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Forum Rules
« on: June 19, 2011, 11:39:47 pm »
For the enjoyment of all those who use this forum, we require all members to follow the following set of rules:
  • 1. Registration
    By registering, you certify you are who you claim and that information in your account settings is correct and up-to-date.
    • 1a. Duplicate Accounts
      You may only register one (1) account per computer. Multiple accounts are prohibited and will be deleted. We will make efforts to make exceptions to institutions where multiple people connect from the same internet connection, however we must be contacted ahead of time.

    • 1b. Automated Registration
      Automated registration through the utilization of robots is strictly prohibited. and falls under the same provisions as section 3a.

  • 2. Private information is confidential
    Private information should not be posted on a forum available to the public internet, this includes telephone numbers, residential postal addresses and other identifying information outside of a name.

  • 3. Spam and advertising
    Spam, defined as abrasive messages that do not contribute to conversations and is prohibited.
    • 3a. Automated Posting
      Automated posting by using computer programs is prohhibited. Digibase Operations, the web site host reserves the right to blacklist any computer using such programs. All messages posted to this forum must be typed by hand.

    • 3b. Commercial advertisement
      Any and all commercial advertisement is prohibited. This includes posting links to companies, products and services. Artists are permitted to advertise their personal web sites only if they are of a non-commercial nature.

  • 4. Post content
    When posting on this forum, it must be ensured that posts are on-topic and in good taste appropreate for a public gathering.
    • 4a. Language
      All posts must be in english in order to facilitate good communication among members.

    • 4b. On-topic posting
      Replies must pertain to the discussion of the topic and new topics must be pertaining to the discussion of the board. Off-topic postings will be taken down and/or deleted.

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