Author Topic: What Is A Typical Artist  (Read 4874 times)


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What Is A Typical Artist
« on: May 21, 2012, 12:30:39 pm »
I feel that a typical artist is some one who is poor in wealth but rich in awareness and can see the spiritual and the beauty in all creation. I believe that a typical artist has strong convictions and a burning desire to show his views to all mankind in his paintings. It is how to speak to others from his heart and soul to the viewers heart and soul.
It bothers me when people value the wall more then the painting and would reject a painting based on the walls colour. Good paintings go with any coloured wall. If they do not like
the colour combination of the wall and the painting, the wall should be changed to suit the painting. If people value the wall more why don't they put an empty frame up on the wall so it frames the wall.
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