Author Topic: Colour (Light Dark Contrast)  (Read 5523 times)


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Colour (Light Dark Contrast)
« on: June 17, 2013, 11:14:42 pm »
Light Dark Contrast

     Depth of paintings can be helped by light dark contrast. The greatest light dark contrast of hue is yellow and purple. In monochrome paintings white and black are the polar differences with shades of gray being in between. If a painting is a landscape then in the foreground can be the lightest and the background is the darkest or the background can be the lightest with the foreground being the darkest.
At the same time there should be a point of where the light comes from either right or left hand side of the canvas. The point of light can also come from inside the canvas radiating out on all sides being more dramatic.
     Hue can be made darker by adding black or lighter by adding white. This is referred to as shades of colour. The hue stays the same but the shades differ.