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If you have questions or comments regarding the Cottage Studio, please contact:

For administrative questions or concerns...

Please contact: Hamilton Program for Schizophrenia (HPFS)
Phone: 905-525-2832
Email: <info[at]> (Anti-spam: replace [at] with @)

For Visits/Appointments...

Please contact:
  • Spencer
    Phone: 289-659-9370, or
  • Alex at HPS
    Phone: 905-525-2832 extension 107

For questions or concerns about the website...

Please contact: Ronson Green
Email: <ronson[at]> (Anti-spam: replace [at] with @)

For website technical problems...

Please contact: Kradorex Xeron (Digibase Operations)
Email: <kxeron[at]> (Anti-spam: replace [at] with @)

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