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2014 Calendar

01 Cover-Summer Breeze by Frank Majzik

02 Jan-Mountain Splendor by Ronson Green

03 Feb-The Blue Dragon by Loma Wheeler

04 Mar-Light House by Keith Lavoie

05 Apr-Close up by Machele Jenise

06 May-Abstract In Green by George Mersereau

07 Jun-Rock Garden by Adam Gaffney

08 July-Sundown by Jason Keey

09 Aug-Dancing Flowers by Brian Bassi

10 Sept-A Sunny Day In Tuscany by Cecillia Chiasson

11 Oct-Winters On Its Way Tony Szczuryk

12 Nov-A Little Bit Of Snow by Beva Dudiak

13 Dec-Ruffed Grouse by Jude Mersereau

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