Author Topic: Schizoaffective Disorder  (Read 3552 times)


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Schizoaffective Disorder
« on: March 21, 2012, 04:42:52 pm »
Schizo-affective disorder is a mental condition that causes both a loss of contact with reality (psychosis) and mood problems. Moods may effect psychosis for example, depression can trigger an emotional response and lead to suicide or thoughts that every one in the world wants you dead. Reality can be achieved throughout the persons morality or having some one to talk to. These people need their medication adjusted by their doctor or possibly hospitalization. Reality can be distorted by situations that only make sense to the individual. Manic states can also happen where people are too happy and imagine grand powers are given to them by God, as another example. It is quite common that medications can be discontinued by the person with schizo-affective disorder because they believe they are cured or never sick in the first place. Illness does not happen all of the time and some people may not have any episodes of illness for a long time and can lead a perfectly normal life with supportive help. Other people may have a harder time with it.
   Treatment is on an individual basis because what helps some people may not help other people but all can get help.
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